Cannabis Capital is an independent investment consulting and private equity firm specializing in private equity, risk management, and Regulation D Offerings.

Cannabis Capital in conjunction with our Private Investor Hub  is a private equity firm and  investment manager that makes investments in the early stage of operating companies through a variety of investment strategies including Regulation D Offerings.

We secure funding for operating companies and in certain cases make investments in start-up companies. In return the company receives an equity position in held company. Our investors will participate in that equity position in direct proportion to the amount of their investment.

Our CFO Michael Scott is at the helm and drawing upon over a quarter of a century of experience through private equity offerings. His depth of knowledge is second to none. The firm has built its reputation upon deep, research-driven investment strategies, relationships and solutions for its clientele. 

Cannabis Capital manages private equity offerings that offer mid term growth and to maximize risk adjusted returns within the context of each client’s investment guidelines and specific liquidity needs.

Cannabis Capital  also provides a free 30 minute consultation for new clients each quarter. Click Here to get a FREE 30 minute consultation.

Headquartered in Nevada, Cannabis Capital LLC maintains multiple U.S. regional offices.

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