As 2020 came in and hit us with a world filled with disasters and the unknown, us green thumbs  have to pay attention to the cannabis industry in Australia. It’s been a massive year full of great changes in the cannabis world down under.

Right now, there is over 25 licensed businesses at large scale growing and providing medical marijuana products from CBD and THC oils. Creams, lotions and other products can be derived from the cannabis plant also and have been sought after by the public.  Medical users require differing amounts of the natural chemicals  CBD  and THC found in marijuana plants.

In the next 5 years, Australia is predicted to sell over $5b of marijuana products in just under 6 years. Australians are starting up  canna based businesses everywhere as it is believed to be the beginning of a green rush.

With recreational cannabis being permitted in the ACT, it won’t be long before it reaches other states looking for the liberty of the plant.

How can I get into the green rush?

Well, if you are appropriately licensed and you follow the right regulations, you can purchase cannabis products and resell them to licensed pharmacies or companies that are permitted to trade with medical cannabis.

You can also deal in hemp and enjoy the  freedom in selling hemp based products as the stigma and regulations are less harsh.

Importation of Medical Cannabis in Australia

In 2017, the legalisation of medical cannabis happened. Most products that are medical marijuana based were imported from Canada. It is well known that Canada is one of the biggest importers of medical marijuana based products for Australian pharmacies and businesses.

A lot of companies turned to importation because it was a faster means to get products out on the market. Otherwise businesses would of had to grow cannabis first themselves then harvesting, drying, curing, packaging, promoting etc.

A reputable importer that has been making the access to medical marijuana easier to those who are in need of dire need.

The majority of companies import CBD and THC based oils as this is what most patients need to receive therapeutic benefits.

Other individuals who can’t get access to medical cannabis but are still in need of beneficial properties of cannabis can buy some cannabis seeds from Australia. The cannabis strains available range from high CBD, high THC, to low or medium, depends on your medical needs.